About cattery

Apachiris cattery breeds traditional siberian cats in Kontio, near to Oulu in northern Finland. Our breeding cats are tomcat  Feofan Sibaris, ”Vellu”, and queens  Benmar’s Diana, ”Didi”, Apachiris Carola, and Amante’s Andromeda ”Anni”.

We have only one or two litter per year, so most of the time our siberians are beloved family members. Our aim is to breed sweet tempered and beautiful purebred siberian cats. We participate cat shows regularly in northern Finland and Sweden: Kempele, Kokkola, Luleå… sometimes in Lahti too.

Apachiris cattery obeys references of Finnish cat association Suomen Kissaliitto and Finnish siberian cat club (Suomen siperiankissat ry) about cat breeding and health testing. The pedigrees and the HCM-screening results of our cats can be found from Pawpeds -database.

Apachiris Charlie & Carola
Apachiris Charlie and Carola


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Apachiris-kissala kasvattaa perinteisiä siperiankissoja. Kissalamme sijaitsee Oulun seudulla.

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